Green Renewable Energy With Biomass Fuel Fans


As the demand for an efficient form of renewable energy increases due to the ever decreasing volume of fossil fuels available, Biomass is now in the spotlight.

Biomass energy is produced using the matter contained in plants, typically including wood chips, trees, manure, sewage and mulch. Due to the nature of the matter harnessed, the energy is classed as renewable as it can be regrown and used again.

It’s good to note that Biomass energy sources don’t emit Co2 which means they limit the greenhouse effect by not polluting the atmosphere and rely on the lifecycle of nature to produce the matter needed to provide new fuels so it is a truly renewable energy resource. The method can by some, be seen as expensive due to the costs involved in growing living things. However, a huge advantage of using biomass energy is that it reduces the growing problem of landfill waste. By using waste products and turning them into energy the process reduces the dependency on fossil fuels and instead encourages using waste that would otherwise be added to landfills only adding to the problem. Therefore Biomass is a favourable energy production method in an energy conscious industry.

Biomass-fuel-fanNew technology to increase the efficiency of this plentiful resource is under constant development, clearly highlighting that Biomass plays an increasingly important role in a world that is running scarce of fossil fuels. Renewable energy sources in particular Biomass, currently equate to around 10% of the world’s total energy requirement. So with a focus on green credentials and renewables, this figure can only look to increase.  It’s definitely an area that should be concentrated on and in terms of environmental responsibility, a huge plus in any business’s future green strategy.

Here at Axair, we’re familiar with supplying industrial fans for use within renewable energy generation and offer a range of fans specially designed for use in Biomass fuel applications. These fans range from low to high pressure including those for materials handling and high temperatures. The simplest Biomass heaters burn chipped or palletised materials such as wood, straw and elephant grass and use low to medium pressure blowers such as the Axair CMP, CMR and CMA ranges to provide combustion air. The energy produced can be used to heat water or air and in the latter case, Axair can offer quiet, low pressure centrifugal fans for space heating in the BD range.

With a wealth of knowledge and expertise to tap into you can contact Axair for more information on our full range or to discuss how Axair can assist with renewable projects, contact us on 01782 349430.

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