Quiet Fans For Laboratory Environments

Two factors which are equally important to consider in professional laboratories are noise and vibration from fume cupboard fans. Both of which can play havoc with concentration and efficiency in today’s professional laboratories. Equally fans of uncertain performance are not acceptable to either equipment installers or laboratory supervisors. The range of corrosion resistant polypropylene fans from Axair is built to recognised international standards for impeller balance, performance and quality – making them preferable in all situations where noise and vibration can be intrusive.

With guaranteed performance characteristics, the ‘S’ range fans are designed to ensure adherence to the exacting standards required for laboratory fume cupboards, storage cabinets, extraction hoods, filtration plants and most industrial and commercial fume handling equipment. The five basic sizes of fan are each directly driven, with sufficient choice of speed to make belt driven types unnecessary and expensive to both purchase and maintain. Each size of the fan has colour-coded fittings for ease of identification and product recognition. Air extraction rates vary up to 10,000 m³h. Impeller speeds of 2870, 1450, 930 are generally available, and fans can be supplied in either rotation, with eight adjustable angles of discharge.

In addition to the basic fan, Axair can supply air speed monitoring and control for fume cupboards, as well as a good range of accessories including inverters. Whilst the ‘S’ range fans are renowned for low noise and vibration, it is also recognised that isolation products are commonly specified. Consequently, anti-vibration mounting are often fitted between the motor feet and pedestal to eradicate vibration close to the source. The ‘S’ range assembled and distributed by Axair Fans UK, is available from stock. The fans are both strong and light to handle. They can also be supplied with ventilated weather-protecting motor housing. Axair also provides customers with selection and application advice concerning the ‘S’  range polypropylene fans. For more information contact our technical team today on 01782 349430.