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Corrosion Resistant Fan Specification Made Simple

We understand that within a specification role you need products to adhere to strict standards and regulations. Having pre-written specification documents and at hand resources, will also enable you to add key product information from reputable suppliers, to your specification document quickly and easily.

Let our industrial team do the hard work for you by assessing your project air movement requirements. Choosing the right fan for your system is much more complicated than selecting from a system curve or a datasheet that you’ve found online. Our air movement specialists will ensure your fan suits the specified environment, whether that be temperature class, ATEX zone, material handling or ensuring you specify your fan in a certain material or paint grade suitable for marine and offshore environments. The of course we’ll take all of this information into consideration and look at the standard attributes to select a fan that will operate within the correct duties and airflow to provide the most efficient performance for any industrial fan application. Why not start by downloading the technical catalogue below, give our industrial team Faye or Omar a call on 01782 349 430, or email sales@axair-fans.co.uk to start discussions with us.

Download the Full Corrosion Resistant Fans Catalogue

Why are our SEAT Polypropylene Fans Often Specified?

On a daily basis we speak to all levels of people involved in the specification of industrial fans from Consulting Engineers, CDM Co-ordinators, Project Managers, Architects, Contractors and Mechanical Engineers. So you can be safe in the knowledge that we know what is expected. A wide array of companies trust us to select the right fan for them, but why?

  • Safeguarding Design & Specification

We’ll look at your brief in depth to ensure the fan we suggest meets the optimal requirements to provide an efficient air movement solution. No short cuts.

  • Correct Use & Installation Techniques

We’ll look at the best handing to suit your requirements and advise on best practice installations. We’ll never select a fan that won’t manage your duty. If we can’t manage find a solution, we’ll be honest and tell you we can’t do it.

  • Verification of Product Performance

Our extensive customer database is proof that our product performs at its best. We’ve a lot of customer testimonials to show how well we work.

  • Adhere to Regulations & Legislations

Our air movement experts are aware of the duty of care when selecting industrial fans, this ranges from understanding ATEX requirements and COSHH declarations.

Axair welcome all specification enquiries for corrosion proof polypropylene fans from existing and new customers.

Contact us on 01782 349 430 or email sales@axair-fans.co.uk to start discussions.

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