New mixed flow fan for rail applications

Ecofit-Etri have launched their best combination to date, the 200DW range, one of the most powerful Ø200 axial fan ever produced. Fitted in an aluminium frame, this hybrid fan combines the high airflow development of an axial fan, with the maximum pressure of a centrifugal fan.

This is achieved by a diagonal flow impeller design and a cone-shape motor unit combined with a maximum rotational speed of over 5000rpm.

The result is an impressive 930Pa maximum pressure which is very rare in an axial fan, and 970m³/h maximum airflow.

This fan has been developed specifically for the railway industry and is only available in 28Vdc or 110Vdc. It features all the usual standards for transport applications, including IP55, shock, vibration & humidity protected and a wide operating temperature range. Ecofit has a vast experience of manufacturing fans for railway applications and the new 200DW is a result of the knowledge gained over the numerous successful projects with the rail industry.

Options include 0-10Vdc signal for speed controllability, tachometer output and salt spray protection. More details available upon request from Ecofit UK distributor Axair Fans.

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