Industrial Fans for Maximum Combustion in Waste Wood Renewable Energy Systems

Businesses operating with a wide range of wood materials and high waste disposal costs may want to consider utilising the waste by using renewable energy systems. Wood waste to energy systems such as biomass boilers are a great solution for timber processing Industries that produce daily piles of offcut waste wood. Biomass boilers can consume all types of waste wood product and produce energy throughout the burning process. The centrifugal fan in the system provides the sufficient air required to react with the fuel, enhancing the rapid combustion inside the system and enabling it to reach extremely high temperatures. The heat is converted to steam and can be reused on the premises in the form of hot water and heating to reduce overall energy costs. Where heating systems are already in place the recycled heat simply serves as an emergency energy backup. Typically, the generated heat is reused to remove moisture from wood as wood that is not sufficiently dry reduces the combustion, results in the production of smoke and tar and ultimately produces less energy.

Onsite waste disposal units replace the need for ongoing skips, inconvenient or costly waste collections and landfill tax. Enabling onsite daily waste disposal helps to prevent any built-up of the waste offcuts in working areas, providing a safe and clear environment. It also means that reusable energy can be integrated into daily business processes. Companies looking to increase sustainability and find smarter ways to conserve energy can certainly benefit from biomass renewable energy. Wood recycling has undergone a massive boom in the UK, from less than 2% of wood waste in 1990 to over 80% in 2020, but there are still many opportunities to recycle being missed, with approximately half a million tonnes of wood still being landfilled every year.

Integrating the correct industrial fan into any wood waste recycling system is crucial for ensuring the correct airflow requirement is met. A steady, consistent flow of the required air generates the high temperature needed to achieve complete combustion of the waste. High temperatures provide a complete combustion cycle leaving very little incombustible material (ash). A faulty fan will result in inefficient combustion and poses the risk of toxic gases being released so it is vital that all systems are serviced and operating according to government guidelines. It is also important to note that depending on the type of wood waste and scale of business a license may be required to initiate this technology on your premises. Our forward curved centrifugal fans manufactured by Ecofit are often referred to as industrial blower fans and are very robust with the ability to provide a reliable air supply in this type of harsh environment.