High Performance DC Fan from Axair

French manufacturer ETRI, famous for its military spec. fans, offer a standard high performance range in 80, 92 and 120mm frame, for 12, 24 & 48Vdc supplies. The fans plastic frame is fitted with moulded discharge vanes which optimise flow rate and pressure development by countering the natural flow helix. This effective design is combined with very high speeds motors (up to 5700rpm).

In comparison with standard DC frame axial fans, the High performance ETRI can provide twice more airflow (free flow) and nearly three times more pressure in sizes 80×80 and 92x92mm sizes, and 50% more air (free flow) and twice the pressure on a 120×120 frame size.

Furthermore, these fans are available with a number of options, including IP54 protection, speed sensor or alarm third wire output, and also protection against shocks, vibrations and damp heat for demanding applications which are Etri’s domain of expertise. Further information is available through new Etri agent Axair Fans UK Limited. Drop across to our other pages to see our high-temperature fans from ETRI.


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