The Heat-Resistance is On: New CLIBOS-TR High Temperature Fan

Our supply partner, Casals Ventilation, has recently launched a new high temperature fan designed to handle the hottest air yet. Listening to the requirements of customers in industries that have the challenge of extremely high temperature operations, a solution has been developed to move air and gases up to 350°C.

Clibos Casals High Temperature FansHigh Temperature Fan Applications

The innovative use of high density rock wool insulation, heat-resistant paint coatings and carbon laminated steel means that the CLIBOS-TR series can withstand extreme conditions. Such environments include industrial ovens, furnaces, incinerators, boilers, paint booths and drying facilities for wood, ceramics, glass, barley and tobacco.

Installation Example

Clibos-tr thermal grooves high temperature fan

Thermal grooves

One of the most typical high temperature applications for the CLIBOS-TR series are paint booths. This type of installation has an oven for drying the paint once it is applied to the product. With the CLIBOS-TR fan, thanks to the rock wool (available in thicknesses of 150 and 200mm) and the thermal grooves of the casing (pictured), a thermal bridge is created which allows the internal heat of the oven to be dissipated.

In this example of two CLIBOS-TR installed in a paint booth oven, the difference in the internal and external temperature of the oven is illustrated in the thermal imaging (shown below).

Clibos on paint booth ovenClibos thermography


Increasing Pressure with a Scroll

It may be the case that the installation in the oven or similar application needs a higher pressure than the medium pressure provided by the fan. In this situation, we can achieve a higher air pressure by adding the CLBC fan scroll (pictured) with its corresponding suction cone, the CLBI.

Clibos in oven high temperature fan  Clibos high temperature fan








In addition to the CLBC scroll and CLBI cone, we provide a number of accessories for the CLIBOS-TR that allow it to be used in a wide range of high temperature applications. For example, ATEX switches, automatic bearing greasers, frequency speed controllers, rotation speed monitors and vibration monitoring systems.

Contact our team to discuss your project or see our CLIBOS-TR high temperature fan page for more information.

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