GDS V8 180x180L: The School MVHR Fan Ideal for Ceiling Voids

Product: U03-A4 – GDS V8 180x180LIdeal Application: MVHR in Ceiling Voids
Main Requirements of Customer: Low noise & Low power consumption


MVHR is a form of continuous ventilation which supplies fresh outdoor air into a building while extracting stale air from the building, recovering heat from the outgoing air in the process. In schools indoor air quality is thought to affect student awareness and ability throughout the day so MVHR’s in ceiling voids are common place. Learn more about the benefits of MVHR systems here.



The competitively priced 180×180 double inlet centrifugal fan with forward curved blades features a double shaft to provide optimal mechanical isolation on both inlets boasts low noise, low energy consumption and is sized perfectly for heat recovery units situated in ceiling void in schools.


The unit features built in fan failure monitoring to link with BMS systems for monitoring – monitored by a normally closed contact within the motor that is calibrated to open when the fan speed drops below 200RPM so as the motor comes to a stop, the monitoring circuit is opened which the management system will detect as a fan failure.


We encourage any of our customers working with MVHR manufacture to contact us for a comparison quote on any industrial fan used in your system.


School MVHR Benefits


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