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Gas & Kitchen extraction

The hospitality industry is booming, with research trends reporting that people are eating out more regularly and with more cost effective, health conscious options available there are restaurants opening each day with a hope of servicing a market with huge potential gains. But while everyone is thinking about the food that will be placed in front of them, many, unless working in the environment constantly, fail to recognise that the commercial kitchen is the epicentre of activity and in particular what a potentially dangerous place this can be for kitchen staff.

Gas & Kitchen extractionGas is used in many processes of commercial catering including grills and other forms of chargrilling. The use of gas in this applications has implications for the ventilation requirements. Commercial kitchen environments using gas will require an appropriate supply of air for complete combustion, otherwise high levels of C02 are produced. Innovative fuel efficient commercial gas grills such as the Synergy Grill are been widely adopted across industry professionals. The superior combustion of air when mixed with gas encourages a better flame on chargrills and reduces the C02 generated and oxygen circulation encourages a better heat dispersion. As with an effective ventilation system this is a result of using the correct industrial fan within the finished product. Leading to catering equipment that is low energy consumption and cost effective unit. Professionals within the catering equipment recognise the importance of the bigger picture when it comes to an efficient and well-designed commercial kitchen from the manufactured components to the overall design and layout of the space. Managing the levels of C02 via effective ventilation is interestingly documented in the UK Health & safety executive document EH40 which limits exposure to C02 across set time periods highlighting that this is an area of concern for health professionals also.

The Axair range of kitchen extraction fans can assist in providing a clean, safe and hygienic environment for commercial hospitality environments. Visit our Kitchen Extraction page for more information.

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