Fans for mining, naval construction and off-shore

Fans for mining, naval construction and off-shoreSodeca presents its new robust high-pressure axial tubular fans, specially designed for mining installations, naval constructions, offshore and any application with high pressure.

The new series HTP is built with sheet steel thick long casing, motor base welded to the casing, guidelines for high aerodynamic performance for pressure gain, and an optimal surface protection by means of high-quality steel.

With a high-performance cast aluminium impeller. The airflow direction is from impeller to motor and it is equipped with an electrical connection outside terminal board.

These fans boast high quality paint against corrosive environments and are available from 500 to 1250mm. Airflow available from 13000 up to 150,000 m³/h (90KWa motor) pressure up to 1800 Pa (2 pole motors). For more information specialist fan contact Axair Fans today.


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