EC Constant Volume Fans For Efficient Heat Recovery

An increase in new builds brings new legislation and a surge in the demand for heat recovery products as building efficiency is improved. Buildings are becoming more airtight and consequently less fresh air can circulate. Since all buildings need a source of fresh air, the need for a MVHR unit has become obvious. Diagram 1 shows how a simple mechanical ventilation with heat recovery system facilitates effective ventilation in a domestic unit.

K39-A7 For Heat Recovery
Homes, classrooms, offices, function rooms, whether domestic or commercial, can benefit from MVHR, improving climate control whilst promoting energy efficiency.

Working alongside our customers, Axair Fans can supply quality components for domestic and commercial heat recovery systems. Many systems feature two fans as shown in diagram 2, one to take out stale air and one to bring in fresh air.

The incoming and outgoing air stream runs over the heat exchanger allowing the outgoing air to pass thermal energy to the incoming air without the two air streams actually mixing together.

Maintaining Constant Volume

When installing a MVHR system, each building will be different with geometry and length of duct work varying resulting in very different pressure losses on each installation.

  • The Axair K39-A7 single inlet, forward curved centrifugal EC fan from Ecofit, show in diagram 3, is designed with built in constant volume software enabling it to regulate its impeller speed to maintain its preset volume against variable pressure.
  • With constant volume software on board, the Axair fan can be preset during assembly of the MVHR to deliver the specified volume required on site. The install team then provide power and the MVHR will automatically provide the desired airflow.

K39-A7 Curve Heat Recovery

The same constant volume software is available in a double inlet centrifugal, enabling higher air volumes and system performance, resulting in a cost effective and energy saving device.

How Can Axair Help?

We have a wealth of technical expertise and can assist with fan selection for a wide array of applications in the industrial and OEM market. Download our OEM brochure here.  

Contact us or visit our website for more information on how Axair can assist with Heat Recovery application, increase energy efficiency or any other project on 01782 349430

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