New Retrofit Hospital Ventilation Using the ECFanGrid Solution

The ECFanGrid was chosen to retrofit an existing ventilation system with three axial fans from 1975 for a hospital. In only five days, three systems were retrofitted with an energy-efficient ECFanGrid. A special feature was the sloping installation in the existing concrete duct. Due to this, various components and inspection doors had to be individually customised. The sheet metal processing line at Rosenberg headquarters means that custom solutions are no problem.

There are many challenges presented by old air handling units that can be overcome with the use of a FanGrid. Turbulent airflow can be corrected as the grid system offers an even distribution of air velocity over the entire duct, significantly increasing efficiency. System failures cost time and money, FanGrids respond to individual fan failure quickly through built in redundancy. Noise or energy loss through sound transmission is reduced.


Problem: The old systems were bulky and inefficient.

Solution: The ECFanGrid allowed greater control due to its adaptable design.

Problem: Installing a new axial fan would have meant additional building works to allow access for large components.

Solution: Small ECFanGrid components are easily portable through existing pedestrian doors by no more than two people.


Increasing System Efficiency

The new plant now moves 252,000m³/h (850Pa) of air with the potential to reach 300,000m³/h (1,180 Pa) if required. The total overall system efficiency of the plant is 64% when in 24/7 operation. The existing system was equipped with inefficient axial fans. Inefficient fans can be a buildings largest energy consumer with 50% of the HVAC energy consumption coming from them.

Unlike a traditional belt drive unit which covers a large floor space, the ECFanGrid is completely free of the floor. This means that maintaining the hygiene of the AHU is quicker, simpler and more effective. No dust is released into the supply air as there are no belt drives to degenerate over time. Component failure is quickly dealt with due to the modular nature of the ECFanGrid. For example, a single fan module could be replaced and the AHU back online within an hour of shut down. View more case studies by downloading our case study booklet or start a non obligatory conversation with us by emailing [email protected].