Cost Effective Cooling Using An Enclosure Thermostat

The humble central heating thermostat has caused many an argument in most households across the land, it’s a device that my wife turns up and that I all too frequently have to covertly turn down. Turning the dial down just a little can save me money, leaving the dial where it is saves my marriage.

Keeping a hThermostat-01appy household is important, keeping components and equipment in an electrical control panel or enclosure contented, is equally important. Although a control panel will never take your dog and DVD collection it will cause you headaches and cost money if the temperature is adequately controlled.

Now when you specify a fan filter unit for a control panel do you also specify a normally open thermostat to control any fans also enclosed? It is surprising how many engineers negate to include this effective component, simply because the benefits are not plain to them. Allow us to enlighten you.

Fitting an inexpensive thermostat alongside a fan filter unit offers many paybacks and all are cost effective methods which ultimately save money for the end user. The most observable benefit been that the fan is only drawing power or running, when the rise in the enclosure temperature calls for it, just like your central heating switches on when your other half demands it. So the end user saves energy which extends the lifetime of the components which consequently reduces the cost of replacements. Or you don’t use a thermostat and leave it running 24 hours a day, seven days a week putting additional strain on the fan filter unit which may ultimately increase the cost of replacements.

As a result of reducing the time that the fan is running, the media within a fan filter, that captures all the dust and crud from entering your control panel, is not going to fill up so quickly. You’ll have less maintenance downtime and replacement filter material costs to worry about.

So there it is, the choice to fit a thermostat alongside the cooling fan filter units in a control panel is an easy one to make. Turning the household thermostat up against your will, is always a hard decision, but fitting a thermostat to a control panel shouldn’t be. Save energy, save money, save time….

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