Electrical starter and overload relay from SEAT

Electrical starter and overload relay from SEATAxair Fans can offer as part of our range of accessories, a motor starter fitted with an overload relay from the French manufacturer SEAT. They are available as a remote type fitted with a reset button. This type is intended to work in conjunction with a switch sited away from the starter i.e in a fume cupboard.

We can also offer a starter with a start and stop button to be mounted near to the equipment. The starter would be supplied with the overload relay to suit the fan motor kW rating.

Fitting a starter and an overload relay will help protect the motor from overloading. It works by measuring current drawn by the motor and will not allow it to go higher than the set current, if it does the overload will trip and then need to be reset. For more information contact the Axair team now.

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