Ecofit Ewheel - New EC Backward Curved Centrifugal Fan

Designed for low to medium pressure applications, Axair Fans are excited to launch the latest addition to our impressive range of backward curved centrifugal fans with the Ecofit EWheel. Developed and manufactured by supplier partner, Ecofit, the 250 diameter EC Ecofit EWheel supersedes the previous version in both aesthetic design and performance. Over the past few years, the importance of developing and producing energy efficient components and finished product has been a huge focus, particularly in the industrial market. Having developed the energy efficient E-Wheel range, the Rosenberg Group owned company Ecofit, now boats an ever-increasing range of backward curved fans with the inclusion of the 250 diameter impeller.


How Is the New 250 E-Wheel Different From the Previous Model?

The old style wheel, commonly known as the punka wheel, delivered a higher pressure (up to 600Pa), with lower airflow (up to 1400m3/h), so immediately, the new wheel is suitable for other markets given its low to medium pressure performance up to 500Pa and higher airflow to 1550m3/h. In terms of construction, the new wheel boasts a lighter, 3 piece injection moulded wheel made from painted black plastic in comparison to the heavier galvanised impellers. The most apparent and noticeable difference is highlighted in terms of noise. The new 250 wheel from Ecofit, cuts the noise down by half at 68.2dBa compared to 73.5dBA. Noise levels are particularly improved in the middle of the curve. We suggest you extrapolate the information you need from the performance curve to see the difference. To learn more about understanding noise in fan systems, visit our existing technical article here. Some aspects remain consistent across the two designs including an IP44 ingress protection level against dust and liquid, and high durability, long last ball bearing components. The new Ewheel provides optimum component performance within applications such as MVHR, recirculating fume hoods, heat pumps and downdraught benches. For more information, contact us on 01782 349 430 or email [email protected].

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