ECFanGrid Cooling Power Delivered to Rolling Stock Yard

We have recently provided a rolling stock maintenance yard with two ECFanGrids as part of a package of works to improve the working environment. Following on site testing, we delivered the ECFanGrid solution within 3 weeks of receiving the order. The problems the facility faced, and our answers to those issues, are explained below.

The Problems

The temperature within the main workshop at the maintenance yard was too high. This was due to a combination of heat generated from hot works and day-to-day operations coupled with insufficient ventilation provided by supply and extract air handling units (AHUs) using outdated, belt-driven fans. Therefore, more cooling power and higher airflow rates were needed.

The belt-driven fans were also consuming a considerable amount of energy and replacing these could allow for savings to be made.

As working conditions were compromised by the existing AHUs the speed of delivery and ease of installation was paramount. The facility needed a solution that was quick to install and available on short lead times.

Our ECFanGrid Solution

rolling stock ecfangrid trainTarget environmental conditions were set and Axair were approached for a highly efficient, powerful air movement solution. On site testing took place to determine airflow and pressure requirements, from which we devised a proposal employing two ECFanGrids. One 3×3 ECFanGrid was for the cool supply air to be pulled into the workshop from outside and the other 2×2 configuration was to extract the warm inside air. Within three weeks of placing the order the ECFanGrid kits (fans, metalwork and control panel) were delivered.

ECFanGrid Control Panel

ECFanGrid Control Panel

By sending signals to the prefabricated ECFanGrid control panel, the building management system (BMS) could connect to and control the installation. This solution has given the workshop on demand control of the coiling coils and fans. This ensures the target environmental conditions are met and maintained in the most energy efficient way. Thus, solving the temperature problem.

The ECFanGrids not only improved the energy efficiency of the AHU but was easy to install through the existing building restrictions thanks to its modular design. Each fan was simply carried through doorways without any need for lifting gear or building alterations.

To find out more, please see our ECFanGrid page or contact us.

ECFanGrid Information Pack Cover

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