EC v’s AC: It’s EC To See The Savings…

For a significant length of time Axair Fans has offered a range of forward curved double inlet centrifugal fans, or commonly known as’Inch blowers‘. Alongside the standard AC versions, Axair Fans now also offer Electronically Commutated Inch Blowers. EC fans are more efficient than their AC counterparts, offering considerable benefits for anyone wanting to update an older air conditioning unit but being limited either by budget or dimensional constraints.

Energy efficient technology has grown in popularity over recent years, primary due to the significant European Energy Related Products legislation (ERP). So EC fan motors have become the logical choice in reducing power consumption, costs and ultimately the environment. Most air conditioning units for example are being refurbished using EC backward curved fans (or plug fans). However, EC inch blowers can be used to simplify a refurbishment programme, as they will fit directly into existing units, thanks to their industry standard sizes and fixing points.

The gain in efficiency can be easily demonstrated by comparing two models; one in AC the other in EC.


Comparing the BD10/10.M4.0,59Kwa (AC) and the BD10/10.M4.EEC80 (EC) installed in a unit with an operating point of 2500m³/h at 400Pa. The AC will have an effective duty of 2489m³/h at 396Pa, absorbing 0.73Kwa of power and be 38% efficient. The EC versions will have an effective duty of 2466m³/h at 389Pa, while only absorbing 0.63Kwa and be 44% efficient. The 100Wa difference in consumption is a significant saving, especially if multiple fans are used and running 24 hours a day.



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