EC Fans : High technology caring for the environment

Fan manufacturer ECOFIT now offers EC technology within their extensive range of axial and centrifugal fans. In simple terms, the EC motor (Electronically Commutated) combines the simplicity of 230V AC input, whilst running internally on high voltage DC.

Standard DC fans motors, whilst highly efficient, need a separate AC to DC power supply with its associated losses and additional cost. EC fans integrate the rectifier within the motor to make a compact, all in one unit.

The EC fans offer a number of benefits including low running costs, speed control, ease of use, high efficiency and longer lifetime. Ecofit EC fans are fitted with Hall Effect speed sensor, accept simple 0-10VDC / PWM control input and provides 5mA output signal as standard, which may be used to power a fan controller. Options include constant airflow or constant pressure programmes for forward curved fans.

The current range includes backward curved motorized impellers in Ø192, 220 and 225mm diameter, for airflows up to 1650m³/h. There is also a forward curved, double inlet centrifugal fan in Ø146 typically used in fan coil units. Single inlet centrifugal fans are available in 146 and 160mm diameters.


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