Dual Control & Protection for Enclosure Environments

Regulate the temperature and humidity in your enclosures with the new Fandis dual thermostat from Axair. Designed to operate with heaters or fans, the dual system removes the need to purchase two separate devices, allowing you to control your ventilation and anti-condensation systems independently and simultaneously, from one compact unit.

Not only will you reap the benefits of not having to buy, install and operate two devices, other advantages of using the bi-metallic twin thermostat include a reduction in temperature fluctuations, a reduction in fan noise omissions and a reduction in power consumption, it will even help to extend fan lifetime. As with many Axair products, the Fandis twin thermostat can save you time and money.

The CE approved unit operates from -10 degrees c to 80 degrees c and runs on voltages between 100Vac and -250Vac. Housed within a
durable polyamide casing, fitting is a simple snap-on process, with the
unit easily attached to a standard (EN 50 022) 35MM rail.

For more information or to request a datasheet, contact one of our
engineers today or visit our ecommerce website here.


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