Bespoke Connectors & Lead Lengths

So, you’ve purchased a brand new fan system, an off-the shelf solution that fulfils your ventilation requirements and should enhance your operations. The only problem is the standard lead lengths and connectors aren’t suited to your application set-up. As a result, you’re going to lose valuable production time waiting for this to be resolved. Sounds familiar? Axair can help make this problem a thing of the past

Our extensive range of axial frame fans can be supplied with bespoke connectors and lead lengths. Need a longer lead? We can do it. Shorter lead? No problem. Do you need a specific connector attaching? Just say. Whatever your application needs, we can provide a customised solution (subject to availability), to ensure that fitting is simple and efficient, ensuring that you never have to endure that unnecessary down time again. For more information contact the Axair team today.


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