Axair working in Synergy with the Commercial Foodservice Industry…

A perfect fuel efficient burner to be used in a commercial cooking environment, has been developed to offer the commercial gas grills market a new and unique cooking product.

After intensive research and development, the gas engineer inventor, successfully trialled two prototypes in local restaurants and later the grill went into production. Chargrilling technology within the foodservice industry has not really changed in over 20 years so this new commercial grill is the only product of its type in the World.

Axair Fans has taken a significant role in supplying components for the project, allowing the grill to cook better and more efficiently. Supplying an Ecofit N10-A6 centrifugal fan to increase the pressure and ultimately create a stronger, more robust flame on which to cook has helped in achieving the grills calculated economy savings of up to 52% on gas running costs, saving in excess of £11,500 over a five year period.

The grill also has advantages for those working in ventilation systems maintenance. By only producing white smoke, this puts less stress on extraction systems reducing the build-up of oily clogs in ventilation duct work and ultimately the risk of fires.

To further facilitate the commercial product, Axair provided a digital potentiometer directly linked to the supplied EC fan.  The digital control enables the user to change the required feed quickly and easily. A traditional potentiometer using a twist dial would allow for too much variance and therefore result in timely or incorrect alteration in advance of using the grill.

The commercial grill has proven a success in individual pub-restaurant sites and now has a view to go Worldwide. Smokey, time and energy draining commercial grills are definitely a thing of the past.


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