Axair Help Get the Blow on the Road

Back in May last year, we told you how we had supported Motorsport Developments in Lancashire with the development of a brand new tuning facility. We supplied two Rosenberg 900 Ø EC plate axial fans to help them create a dedicated exhaust extraction system for their rolling road. Well, we’ve been at it again, helping CC Tuning in Burton-upon-Trent, only this time it was a fan from our Sodeca range that would take pole position in their tuning bay.

Set up in 1993, CC Tuning have grown alongside the increased popularity of motorsports and high performance vehicles. With more people than ever owning specialist cars, there is more demand than ever to test their performance and consequently tune them, in other words, improve or perfect this performance. Running the car on a rolling road or dyno is probably the most effective way of measuring
car performance and where in the past these would have been restricted to a manufacturer’s R&D facility, there are now thousands of tuning centres up and down the country that have invested in this specialist technology.

There has been a lot of talk about the potential risks to the vehicle when using a rolling road but a combination of increased knowledge and technological advances mean that these risks are now limited. There is one hazard though that it is difficult to remove and that’s heat! When in operation the car’s engine and tyres can become very hot creating a risk of overheating, this is where Axair can help.

High power cooling fans such play an integral part in the tuning process, essentially recreating the airflow that the vehicle would be subject to during real world operation. Some tuning shops also use fan systems to assist with the extraction of hazardous exhaust fumes, as was the case with Motorsport Developments.

We supplied CC Tuning with a Sodeca HCT-80-4T-5.5. Suitable for a variety of applications, this high performance axial is capable of operating at 1440 rpm, producing an impressive airflow output of up to 37200 m³/h. Durable and robust, the fan is encased in sheet steel and has an anti-corrosive polyester resin finish; they can be specified with ingress protection up to IP55.

On request, we can supply Sodeca HCT fans with customised features such as 100% reversible impellers and special windings, for different voltages. All variants of the HCT can be supplied with ATEX Category 2 certification.

Contact one of our Product Engineers today to hear more about the Sodeca range or our work with rolling road facilities.

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