Axair Fans Launches New Control Instruments for Industrial Automation

Be the First to Purchase the New Series of Change over Mechanical Thermostats

Axair Fans are currently launching a completely new series of change-over mechanical thermostats and hygrostats to perfectly complement and enhance our range of Thermal Management products.

This new changeover thermostat combines both a normally open (NO) and normally closed (NC) thermostat in one, acting as a single point of control over both cooling and heating in one compact durable cost saving device.

The changeover hygrostat operates on a similar principal being capable of controlling the relative humidity through heating (dehumidifying) and cooling (to humidify). The unit offers a broad setting range of 35-100 (%R.H) is compact in design and has an outstanding endurance specification.

Both the above products are practical and easily-to-mount via a snap fastening onto a 35mm DIN rail.

Simon Brammer the Product Manager of this range at Axair Fans commented ‘These two additions to our thermoregulation range are the result of careful research and customer focus. They provide greatly enhanced control for temperature management and relative humidity sensing within enclosures’

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