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Air Filtering with Reintair

Using an air purifier will help to improve air quality and protect the health of the people in your building by reducing the spread of bacteria and viruses. If you’re looking for an effective air purifier system for any environment, whether you are in the industrial, commercial, hospitality or healthcare sector we have the ideal air cleaning solution for you.

Introducing Reintair by Casals. A specialist range of air purifiers with the ability to turn any indoor space into a virus-free environment. Reintair was designed specifically to reduce the virus contaminated particles of any room helping towards eliminating the spread and prevention of viruses such as COVID-19.

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How does the Reintair work?

The Reintair air filtration system pulls contaminated air through a set of highly efficient HEPA H14 air filters
that trap harmful particles and re-circulates the clean filtered air back into the room. Air is firstly filtered
through a G4 filter to remove large particles and then through a HEPA 14 filter to catch smaller harmful
particles and viruses.

What is a HEPA filter?

HEPA stands for High Efficiency Particulate Air. This type of filter is produced to a specific standard which enables the filter media to extract 99.97% at 0.3 micrometres of pollutants from the environment.  HEPA filters are designed to contain the fine, almost invisible and very often dangerous particulate which cannot be picked up by a  general filter

Reintair Key Features

  • Reintair air purifiers are plug and play (no installation required)
  • Equipped with 4 wheels with brakes on the base for ease of mobility throughout the interior spaces
  • Soundproof 30mm extruded aluminium profile
  • Panels come with a quick-release fastening system for easy assembly and disassembly for cleaning, maintenance or panel repositioning.
  • Filters are located in the perforated side panels, with handles and fastening system.
  • Equipped with high-efficiency single inlet – backward impeller with a self-cleaning system, made of polyamide, statically and dynamically balanced at the factory
  • Has a master control panel located on one side of the structure
  • With plug for single-phase connection

Available in two different sizes:

1. REINTAIR S  up to 300m3/h for indoor spaces (2,5m high) of up to 45㎡
2. REINTAIR L up to 600m3/h for indoor spaces (2,5m high) of up to 90㎡

Give your customers, your family or your workers a virus-free space with Reintair air purification system.

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