Agile Axair Aid Famous Flying Lady

To many, Warsash in Southern Hampshire will be known for its nautical affiliations, the home of the Maritime and Superyacht Academies and numerous other sailing clubs; however, the South Coast village actually has a strong connection to luxury cars as well as luxury yachts. A stone’s throw away from Southampton, Warsash is also home to the company that produce the Rolls Royce ‘Spirit of Ecstasy’, arguably the worlds most recognised car mascot and an iconic symbol of engineering heritage. Polycast Limited are market leaders in specialist investment casting and have been producing the historic emblem since Rolls Royce moved production to Chichester, 11 years ago. Investment casting is a meticulous process that involves almost 20 different procedures, many of which are carried out in highly controlled conditions. Unfortunately, Polycast’s production was disrupted recently when temperatures sporadically started to rise in their shell drying room. This is integral to the process as the room is used to cool the metallic sculptures before they are removed from their ceramic moulds. This variation in temperature presented a significant problem to Polycast and their operations.

Thankfully, Axair were on hand to quickly identify a solution, supplying a new centrifugal inch blower fan for immediate use with their air handling unit and consequently enabling production to resume, with minimal downtime. Inch blowers are direct driven, forward curved, double inlet centrifugal fans and are ideal for use with low pressure industrial applications such as air conditioning units, air curtains, heating and cooling coils, and air handling units. Axair can supply a range of high quality inch blowers with impeller sizes from 190 to 390mm; enabling airflow of up to 12,000m³/h. All the models in our range benefit from an innovative motor fixing which minimises vibrations by using flexible arms and AV mounts. Specified to IP55 the motors can resist ingress from dust and hosed water. Available with a single or three-phase power supply, many of the inch blowers in our portfolio are already compliant with ErP2015. Contact one of our Product Engineers today to hear more about our inch blower range.