Smoke Extraction Axial Fans

During a fire, smoke and fire gases spread through the entire building. It is therefore essential that buildings are constructed to prevent the expansion of smoke and fire in case of fire. Evacuation routes as well as firefighting routes for the fire services have to be kept clear of smoke using either centrifugal or smoke extraction axial fans. Mechanical exhaust systems reduce the risk factors in case of fire. They extract the smoke and heat from the building. In comparison with natural smoke extraction units, they work independently of external conditions and assure the full performance immediately.

Our collection of Axial fans for smoke extraction and emergency smoke control includes both short and long cased axials suitable for high temperatures, ATEX atmospheres and boxed units which provide a soundproofed cabinet with fire resistant materials. If the specification you require is not shown below, please contact us on 01782 349 430 as many fans can be supplied outside of this summary offer.


Smoke Extraction Axial Fans - Long Cased, Short Cased & Soundproof Box

HBF F400 Smoke Extraction Axial FanHBF F400 Cased Axial Fans 400°C/2h

  • Axial fans with circular reinforced frame
  • Modular motor impeller assembly
  • Approved to EN12101-3:2002
  • Cast aluminium impeller – variable pitch angle
  • Eproxy powder coat finish
  • Anti corrosive finish with IP55 motor
  • ATEX versions available
  • Multi direction airflow available
BOX HBFS ATEX Smoke FanBOX HBFS (F400 ATEX) Axial Extraction Units With Soundproof Cabinet 400°C/2h ATEX certified
  • Soundproofed box to work inside the fire zone
  • Galvanised sheet steel structure with thermal soundproofing M1 fire resistance
  • Approved to EN12101-3:2002
  • Airflow direction from motor to impeller
  • Cast aluminium impeller, epoxy powder coated against corrosion.  Class F motor
HMFX Smoke Fan ATEXHMFX Smoke Control / Smoke Extraction Axial Fan Units with ATEX certification 400°C/2h
  • Long cased axial fan with reinforced body
  • ATEX certification category 2 Ex II2G
  • Housing with motor access door
  • IP55 and class H Insulation
  • Anti corrosive finish
  • Standard or higher voltages available
HCFX ATEX Smoke Extraction FanHCFX F400 ATEX Short Cased Axial Fans 400°C/2h
  • Robust axial fan with circular reinforced frame
  • Modular motor impeller assembly
  • Cast aluminium impeller – variable pitch angle
  • Approval to EN 12101-3:2002
  • Anti corrosive finish – protective aluminium ring
  • Class H Insulation & IP55 protection
  • Standard and High voltages available
HBF F400