Robust & Durable Fans for Rail & Rolling Stock

Fans for Railway Applications

Modern rail transport technology has a great demand for high-quality fans worldwide. Specially designed fans used in underground and suburban railways, regional and high speed trains for the cooling of traction engines, transformers, electronics and air-conditioners. Our fans have successfully been in use in these demanding applications on every for many years and meet the most diverse requirements with regard to mechanical shock, temperature range and power supply.

Specific rail fan developments enable smooth operation with:
and offer flexible solutions for:
A wide range of services in rail technology:
Cab air conditioning

The workplace of the train operator places high technical demands on heating, ventilation and air conditioning. Whether roof-mounted systems, integrated roof units or sub floor systems – our free running impellers in the DKHR/M (EC variant GKHR/M) series are ideal for the air movement required. ERA centrifugal fans, axial fans in the AKF/AKS series and REE and VRE fans in the ECOFIT series are perfect for this application.

Component cooling of the drive and braking system

A rail vehicle traction chain consists of a variety of elements, such as traction engines or traction inverter. Accumulating heat loss must be diverted to avoid damaging overheating. The same applies to components of the braking systems of trains. Free-running impellers in the DKHR/M series (EC variant GKHR/M), ERA/DRA centrifugal fans and GDF fans in the ECOFIT series are ideally suited for these applications.

Passenger compartment air conditioning

Comfort for the passenger has priority in railway technology. Fans from the Rosenberg group are the right choice for a pleasant climate in the carriages. They manage the necessary operating points within integrated system solutions reliably and with minimum space requirements. For example, our free running impellers in the DKHR/M series (EC variant GKHR/M), fans in the DRA series, GDF centrifugal fans in the ECOFIT series as well as axial fans in the AKF/AKS series meet these requirements.

Switch cabinet ventilation / Cooling of electronics

The construction of railway vehicles includes many electronic components which are frequently housed in switch cabinets. Here, too, sufficient heat dissipation is required to protect sensitive electrical components from overheating. Our free running impellers in the DKHR/M series (EC variant GKHR/M), ERA centrifugal fans or REE, GDF as well as 200D fans in the ECOFIT series were developed specifically for this application area.

A high-precision power supply within the on-board power supply system of railway vehicles is state of the art nowadays. Here too, system components such as inverters are also used which must be cooled, as, for example, in the propulsion system of trains. Free-running impellers in the DKHR/M series (EC variant GKHR/M), ERA/DRA centrifugal fans and GDF fans in the ECOFIT series are ideally suited for these cooling applications.

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Axair Fans UK Limited, in partnership with the Rosenberg Group of companies (including Rosenberg, ECOFIT and ETRI) can offer a complete selection of fans and air movement products for railway applications, particularly for rolling stock.

Rosenberg & Ecofit fans are all external rotor motors, offering:

The range is composed of:

Axair Fans UK has an extensive experience in fans for Railway applications, including:

Rolling stock and railway OEM customers will benefit from:

Products will be designed and manufactured to the highest International railway standards, including:

Standard No. Title
BS EN 45545-2:2013 Railway applications. Fire protection on railway vehicles.
Requirements for fire behaviour of materials and components
EN 50155 standard: Railways Applications Electronic Equipment Used on Rolling Stock
EN61373:1999 Railway applications. Rolling stock equipment. Shock and vibration tests
Axair Rail Axial Fan 250dia IP55
Axair Rail fan Double inlet blower IP55
Axair rail Fans Backward curved 250dia 430Wa motor
Axair rail fan Mixed flow DC frame axial fan

Motor protection:

Fans in rolling railway applications are mostly inverter driven. Such power supplies generate voltage peaks, such as harmonics (% Voltage harmonic distortion), Voltage Peaks (Vpeak), fast voltage variations (dV/dT) which can damage motor winding and shorten their lifetime dramatically. Issues include Corona Effect, partial discharge and overheating.

Common features & options include:

Railway Specification options include:

- Robust specific construction
- Shielded cable
- Specific fan development


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