Compact Axial Fans

Compact Axial Fans

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Axair stock a wide range of standard and custom designed compact frame axial fans for AC, DC & EC brushless axial and centrifugal fans, including solutions specific to different ambient conditions such as IP55 protection, all metal and high temperature resistant fans. Ideal server cooling fans and electronics cooling fans are available in a wide range of sizes and air flows to suit your panel cooling requirements. 

Also known as Frame Fans, these versatile units are commonly used in refrigeration, enclosure cooling and many general ventilation applications. Compact Frame Axial Fans are used alongside fan filter exhausts to produce fan filter units for use in cabinet cooling to protect components from premature failure. 

To protect personnel and the public from harm consider using compact frame axial fans alongside a metal fan guard or plastic finger guard. Using a metal fan guard will protect moving parts of the frame axial fan and prevent harm to those in contact. Ingress protection of up to IP56 can be achieved with the use of a stainless steel cover. Axair online supply a wide range of axial fans including high temperature, DC, EC and ATEX EC IP68.

Compact Axial Fans for Targeted Air Moving & Spot Cooling

Our standard and custom designed compact fans from Costech are a cost effective component for those looking for effective cooling and heat dissipation fans within many applications. Each range is available to order from stock on our ecommerce website. 

Electronic Enclosures

Electronic enclosures require compact, space saving fans such as our axial compact range of fans. Cooling fans for electronics dissipate any heat generated by electronic components inside the enclosure to ensure a constant temperature-maintained environment, preventing the premature failure of expensive drives, sensors, and other high priority equipment. Compact axial fans are easy to install and supply a varying air flow rate. Spot cooling fans such as these box fans are key to prolonging the lifetime expectancy of electronics and ensuring proper functionality inside enclosures. Where the air intake is Insufficient the increasing temperature of the electronic components will cause the enclosure to overheat and potentially cause hot spots, reduce the lifetime of the electronics or at worst result in malfunctions or costly damages.  

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Server Cooling

Compact axial fans are a crucial component for server rack cooling in data centres and must provide reliability and efficiency for constant operation. Data centres are critical infrastructure essential to security and public health and therefore must be operational 24/7. An effective cooling system is vital in protecting servers and additional components from overheating which could lead to damages or system failures. Selected fans should provide high durability, require low maintenance and have a long-life span to avoid unnecessary failures and shutdowns. 

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Load Banks

Compact axial fans provide an effective cooling solution in rack mounted load banks, delivering a reliable flow of cool air over the resistive load elements. This enables the load bank to run at full capacity without overheating.

Load banks are required to test back up power sources that are used in the event of power outages. Load banks can simulate large power loads by applying it to equipment such as generators, battery backups, uninterruptible power sources (UPS) and power distribution units (PDUs). Load banks apply the load to the backup power source in a stable, controlled manner to determine its ability to manage the required load and operate efficiently during a potential outage. They are also used during maintenance periods to prevent any downtime from systems being shut off.

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The popular Choice for Cooling Challenging Electronic Systems

The costech range of compact electronic cooling fans available in AC, DC and EC provide an efficient cooling solution for electronic applications, particularly in confined spaces such as electrical control panels and cabinets. Cooling fans for electronics circulate the air protecting the electrical equipment and environment they are placed within from overheating or the risk of dust or water damage. Typical applications include telecommunication, thermal equipment, data centres, HVAC devices and food processing facilities. We offer electronic cooling fans in all voltages and standard sizes to suit your requirements. Those with an IP55 rating provide extra protection in hostile environments for both indoor and outdoor applications.

EC Compact Axial Fans

For Energy Conscious Applications

EC Technology stands for Electronically Commutated and combines AC and DC voltages, which is essentially a fan with a brushless DC motor, bringing the best of both technologies. The motor runs on a DC voltage, but with a normal AC supply. Learn more about EC fans and EC technology.

Costech EC cooling fans for electronics are specifically designed for enclosures, server cooling and control panels. They offer dust and water protection as well as being compact in size. A wide selection of airflows are available.

Our standard and custom designed EC compact fans from Costech are a cost effective component for those looking for energy efficient cooling fans for electronics. Our compact axial fans can be used within applications including refrigeration, server cooling and enclosure cooling.

EC Compact Axial Fans - Axair Fans
EC Compact Axial Fans - Axair Fans
AC Compact Axial Fans - Axair Fans
AC Compact Axial Fans - Axair Fans

AC Compact Axial Fans

For Cost Effective Cooling

All AC frame axial fans are available with sleeve or ball bearings as standard with many offering either wired or terminal connections in both 115v and 230v current. Our product pages show the maximum air flow achievable with each specific fan alongside their product code. Please note, this will change depending on the system pressures that will affect the delivered airflow.

For more information on specifying a duty or operating point contact us on 01782 349 430 or visit for technical information on understanding the operating and duty points. 

DC Compact Axial Fans

Optimised for High Airflow

The DC Axial Compact Fan range is specially designed for control panels and enclosures offering compact sizes, dust and water protection and a wide selection of airflows. These versatile units are commonly used in enclosure cooling, refrigeration and general ventilation applications. Compact Frame Axial Fans can be used alongside fan filter exhausts to produce fan filter units for use within cabinet cooling, which protects components from premature failure.

Our DC frame axial fans are rated to IP20 and are available with sleeve or ball bearings as standard. Many offer either wired or terminal connections in both 115V and 230V. Visit our ecommerce website for information on the maximum air flow achievable for each specific fan. 


DC Compact Axial Fans - Axair Fans
DC Compact Axial Fans - Axair Fans

ATEX Compact Axial Fans

For Zone 2 Category 3 ATEX Equipment

The innovative HEC range is not only certified for use in zone 2 ATEX equipment, but also has a fully encapsulated EC motor ingress protected to IP68. Ideal in potentially hazardous environments and power hungry applications such as refrigeration.

If you are not sure whether you need an explosion proof ATEX fan or need to know the ATEX zone in which your application is classified, please consult an official authority in your country.

ATEX is an acronym derived from the words “Atmospheres Explosibles” and forms part of a European equipment directive known as ATEX 2014-34 EU. The directive covers manufacturing standards and ensures that people are protected against the risk that may be caused by dangerous substances. An application will require an explosion proof ATEX fan if there are flammable, combustible gases or dusts present at any time in the airstream. 

The ATEX EC IP68 Compact Axial Fan Range:

HEC1238LA - Low Speed 1700rpm 
HEC1238MA - Medium Speed 2600rpm
HEC1238HA - High Speed 3000rpm

View the ATEX test certificate on the link below.

ATEX EC Compact Axial Fans - Axair Fans
ATEX EC Compact Axial Fans - Axair Fans

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