Impeller only Solutions

Impeller only Solutions

We offer a range of aluminium impellers without motors from key European manufacturing partner Rosenberg. Our customers benefit from the most competitive lead times as we have a policy of holding stock of our most popular sizes so we can meet the demands of the industry. Flexibility is key in terms of performance and lead times allowing you to manage build schedules without having to worry about due dates slipping and build times becoming unmanageable.

The lightweight range of R63 impellers without motors can be built into a range of fan constructions to suit the application. This can often make for a less cumbersome build as no workaround a fan motor is required. Customers generally source their own motor supported by a list of suitable motor sizes suitable for each impeller size.

We carry a popular range of sizes of Rosenberg impeller from 355mmØ up to 800mmØ.

W Wheel Impeller only

Article Number
Impeller Size
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R63-28019 280 280Dia W BC Impeller c/w 19Dia hub – Keyway 4600
R63-35524 355  355Dia W BC Impeller c/w 24Dia hub – Taper Lock 3600
R63-40028 400  400Dia W BC Impeller c/w 28Dia hub – Fixed Hub 3200
R63-45028 450  450Dia W BC Impeller c/w 28Dia hub – Fixed Hub 2900
R63-56228 560  560Dia W BC Impeller c/w 28Dia hub – Taper Lock 1950
R63-63138 630  630Dia W BC Impeller c/w 38Dia hub – Taper Lock 1750
R63-71038 710  710Dia W BC Impeller c/w 38Dia hub – Taper Lock 1500
R63-80042 800  800Dia W BC Impeller c/w 42Dia hub – Taper Lock 1250

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