Slow Down & Save Money – The Many Benefits of Using an Inverter

The notion of ‘slowing down’ generally isn’t top of the list when businesses are trying to save money, however, in the case of fan systems, it can be the ideal option.

In most cases, fans are sized and installed to match the maximum ventilation requirements. Installing an inverter allows you to control the speed of your fan motor to match the actual ventilation needs. Reducing the speed of your motor will reduce the amount of energy needed to power it (by as much as 8 times the reduction in speed), which in turn will cut your costs.

Many companies have started to address this issue in line with their environmental remit and inverters provide the option to reduce the motor speed permanently or to dictate the amount of time that it runs at full speed. When linked with a sensor system, inverters can prove to be even more effective by controlling your motor’s performance based on any number of pre-defined settings; these could relate to temperature, flow, humidity, etc. and removes the need for manual adjustment.

Inverters can play a key role in energy-saving projects but the benefits don’t stop there. Reducing the amount of time that your motor runs at full speed will not only save you energy, it will also reduce the strain on your motor and any related components. This means lower maintenance requirements and once again, lowers your costs. The improved control provided by an inverter also makes it easier to stop your system, something else which can impact on the wear and tear of the mechanical components. Installing an inverter to an older, struggling system may even help to extend its service life.

Axair Fans offer a range of inverters for a range of applications. We recently added a new terminal that is suitable for most three phase fans. With an output of 230/3/50, the unit has a simple on/off function and a visible potentiometer to control the speed. Capable of running off a 230/1/50 electrical supply, the IP40 rated device is straightforward to set up and is enclosed in a metallic protective casing.

To learn more about our range of inverters and how they can help your business, contact one of our Sales Engineers today.

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