Reliable & Robust Dust Extraction Systems

Many industrial and manufacturing processes can produce hazardous airborne particles which need to be extracted away in order to protect the working environment and any susceptible personnel. Axair can supply a range of fans by Sodeca that can be utilised in local extract or multi-point ducted systems to remove these particles safely and efficiently.

Sodeca’s CMT, CMAT and CMR centrifugal fans are highly effective at transporting dust and other similar solids due to the configuration of their impeller blades, which aid the passage of particles and lessen the likelihood of harmful deposits building up. Air and media can be transported at 120°C as standard but up to 250°C can be handled if required. Each of these models is ErP exempt when used in such process applications but the CMR range of fans are 2015 Erp compliant in their own right.

The CMR is available with the largest impeller at 2063mm and is capable of a maximum airflow 16100 m³/h. The CMAT can be supplied in the smallest variant with a 324mm impeller. Housed in anti-corrosive casings and equipped with a three-phase power supply as standard, they can be specified with ingress protection up to IP55. All three can be supplied with ATEX Category 2 certification.

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