Weatherproof Motor Cowl for Increased IP Protection of Fan Motors




  • Available Sizes: 71 motor frame, 80/90 frame, 112 frame
  • Increased IP protection against all outdoor environmental elements
  • Cost Effective
  • Mounts directly onto the pedestal
  • Easy assembly
  • Suitable for new or existing projects


When situating a corrosion resistant fan with a standard motor outside of the airstream in an outdoor installation, it is important to protect the motor from adverse weather conditions. This maximises efficiency and prolongs the life of the installation. A motor with a high Ingress Protection rating will naturally be protected to a degree against dust and water so there is the option for a normal pedestal. However, this protection may prove unreliable. In which case it is advised to invest in a weatherproof cowl to provide that added security and eliminate the risk of costly damage to the motor in the future.

Motor manufacturers will not accept liability for damaged motors where it has been fitted outdoors without the extra protection of a cover. This is due to the fact that rainwater, snow and ice has a longer time to drop through any unsealed parts of the motor and is more likely to gain access than water during any standard cleaning process. Ingress protection ratings don’t always mean that the outer surface of the motor is sealed. It could mean that the bearings have been sealed and the inner connections of the motor are sealed with either a plastic cover or resin. Protecting the internal components would protect the motor if any water was to find its way inside.

Axair Fans offer two solutions: a weatherproof motor cowl and an outdoor weather protecting pedestal.

The motor cover or cowl is designed for increased IP protection against the elements for IP55 motors. It can be fitted to a new fan from the factory or retro fitted to existing fans already on site. The device is offered as a rain cover to help protect the fan motor and is both easy to install and to remove for motor inspection. The cowl is available in three sizes based on the motor frame sizes, suitable for all of our range of fans.

The cowl is offered as a motor shelter and is not intended to replace the successful weather protecting pedestal we have supplied for a number of years. The weather pedestal offers a more enclosed casing which totally covers the fan motor beyond the IP55 IP protection.

Whatever the protection needs of your outdoor installation, contact Axair Fans today for more information.

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