Isolators Helping the Fight Against Cancer

Amercare Isolators Axair Corrosion Resistant FansAmercare Ltd are market leaders in the design and manufacture of isolators for nuclear medicine and pharmaceutical applications. Their isolators are used across the world for a number of applications that are contributing to ground-breaking medical research and are involved in the production of vital drugs.

Specialising in both Pharmacy and RadioPharmacy isolators, Amercare provide solutions for Technetium dispensing, PET dispensing, Blood Cell Labelling and the handling of volatile products. RadioPharmacy is a branch of pharmacy concerned with the manufacture of radioactive products for diagnosis and treatment.

Many of the drugs handled in the isolators are designed to fight cancer cells and, as such, would be dangerous if they came into contact with a healthy individual. Therefore, the isolator’s role is paramount in the safe manufacture of such products.

To ensure that the products are manufactured with the correct background air, isolators require effective, corrosion-resistant ventilation of the process area. Axair’s polypropylene fume extraction fans are used within the isolators to control working conditions within the chamber. The isolators are designed to not only protect the operatives carrying out the task, but to also protect the substances within the chamber. The inbound air is highly filtered to provide a clean atmosphere and minimise the risk of contamination of the medicine or matter being tested. The air environment is graded to EC GMP Grade A (class 100).

Amercare produce isolators which use either turbulent air flow or laminar air flow. Turbulent air flow creates swirls and eddies to ensure that clean air passes throughout the entire isolator system and barrier shields. Whereas, laminar air flow describes air moving at the same speed in the same direction and is used in applications where there is a concern about process generated particles.

Corrosion Resistant Fans for IsolatorsMichael Bourne, Service Director at Amercare, writes:

‘Amercare have been working with Axair for over 20 years and throughout this time they have always given us great service and have met our required delivery schedules. Equally, they have been able to provide us with the technical knowledge required when we were faced with specific projects that demanded different fans from those normally purchased.’

To learn more about isolators, visit Amercare’s website. See our corrosive fume extraction range or contact our team on 01782 349 430 or

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