Fans for Dust Transportation

Axair now offer fans for the transportation of dust and solids from Spanish manufacturer Casals. The centrifugal single-inlet fans have a straight-blade impeller made from cast aluminium for models 324 to 531 and sheet steel for models 540 to 545.

The thick metal blades are designed to move air and particles without risk of damage, loss of balance or accumulation of material. Especially as the impeller design is made for high pressure duties, commonly combined with 2 pole (high speed) motors.

The medium/high-pressure fans have class F motors with ball bearings and are IP55 rated. The motors also have IE-2 efficiency, except for motors with lower powers than 0.75 kW, monophase motors or two-speed motors. From Ø240 x 30mm up to Ø450 x 50mm and a two pole high speed of 2800Rpm. The maximum airflow achieved is 3100m³/h while the maximum pressure is 3500 Pa. All are finished with anticorrosive polyester resin.

Optional extras include fan designed to transport air up to 250ºC and ATEX certification, Category 2. There are also flexible options impeller positions as the scroll housing rotates for 7 mounting configurations. For more information on Axair’s range of fans contact the sales team today.

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