Energy Saving EC Forward Curved Fans for Air Curtains

Air curtains are devices that are designed to reduce energy consumption and increase comfort. They’re generally powered by EC forward curved centrifugal fans and work to produce a barrier of air, usually over an open doorway of a building to maintain the indoor temperature and block outdoor pollution and contaminants from entering. They are commonly used in public sector businesses such as supermarkets, shopping centres, restaurants, and hotels to allow for the ‘open door effect’ which is said to be more welcoming to approaching customers. Businesses attracting a high footfall of customers frequently entering the building are faced with the challenge of retaining heat inside the premises. Constant open access points or doors that are frequently opened can cause heat loss and surges in energy consumption. Conversely, air curtains can also prevent warm air from entering cold stores. Air curtain devices provide an efficient solution to this problem by significantly reducing the overall energy consumption of the premises when correctly designed and installed.

With building regulations becoming increasingly strict on reducing the overall energy consumption in buildings, business owners are encouraged to look at ways of reducing their overall carbon footprint. EC fans play a key role in providing the most energy efficient technology available today. Air curtain devices typically contain 3-5 fans, but the exact design of the unit depends on the height and width of the door it will be situated, which also determines the required velocity. It is important that each unit is specifically designed to suit the individual requirements of its intended location and environment. Generally, air curtain devices are fitted horizontally above the entrance on the inside of a building. This reduces the draught entering the building and conserves the heat and energy inside. It can also maintain conditioned air in warmer months to ensure a comfortable indoor environment. Other options for fitting include vertical installation on one or both sides of the entrance.

Air curtain devices powered by EC fans can reduce the energy consumption of the building by up to 50%. EC forward curved fans such as the Ecofit GDS G9 double inlet centrifugal fan, are a popular choice due to their ability to produce a high volume of air at high velocity. Ensuring maximum efficiency and a fast start up, our integrated EC fans produce a tight airstream at a consistent speed. They can provide a sufficient airflow to allow the air curtain to act as a reliable barrier. Whilst many styles of air curtains are available, recirculating air curtains are the preferred choice for businesses focused on reducing energy consumption. Unlike non- recirculating units which discharge the collected air out to the environment, recirculating air curtain devices collect and recycle the collected air back into the premises. Our forward curved fans, manufactured by our supply partner Ecofit , are available with both AC or EC motors for a wide range of applications. If you require support with your fan selection speak to our technical team on 01782 349 430, alternatively you can send us an email at [email protected] or message us now on our live web chat.