Effective Fume Extraction At The Effective Laboratory Show…

An effective laboratory is one which is highly productive with regard to its purpose, maintains high levels of safety and is lean in the resources it uses. For Axair this means integrating an effective fume ventilation system to ensure the safe and efficient extraction of fumes whether it be in schools, universities or pharmaceuticals.

Laboratory ShowOn 1st March 2016, Axair attended The Effective Laboratory Show held at Strathclyde University to showcase new developments and energy efficient air technology while sharing our knowledge and experience of laboratory air movement.

Working alongside additional exhibitors at the even such as fume cupboard manufacturers and laboratory system integrators, Axair can assist in ensuring the operational benefits from fume cupboards and associated ventilation systems are fully optimised.

To showcase the variable airflow when using an inverter, the Axair stand featured an attention grabbing two Corrosion resistant polypropylene fans that suspended a small ball in the airstream. A small video of this can be seen on our Twitter feed @Axairfans.

For more information on the full range of fans and fan accessories suitable for fume extraction or to discuss how Axair can assist in any other air movement project please contact us.

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