Ecofit 300 Diameter Axial Revitalised for Erp 2015

Many of our fans are being redeveloped to ensure that they comply with the ErP 2015 directive and the latest model to be updated is our 300mm diameter axial from Ecofit.

The high speed 2 pole model is capable of 2675rpm and provides nearly 100m³/h more airflow at 0Pa then the version it has replaced. This is largely thanks to the fan’s new blades which are profiled and designed for better performance and efficiency. Like the previous version, the blades are individually welded directly onto the motor’s rotor.

The new model has lower motor power (167Wa instead of 181Wa) (-8% less power) and crucially, is quieter than the predecessor, with 7dBA less at free air.

Fan size and fixings remain similar to old version, so there are no complications with compatibility in application or with accessories

Typically used for heating and ventilation applications, this type of fan is also well-suited to the forced cooling of control cabinets, power electronics and any other application requiring a robust yet compact assembly.

Available in 230 Volts single phase or 400V three phase, the new model is in stock now and large orders can be fulfilled on a short lead time.


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