Control Offshore Fan Systems with Remote Regulation

Remote computer connection has become common place in industrial environments, changing the way that processes and procedures are undertaken and generally enhancing the capabilities of the industrial sector. Power Generation has been a great user of these remote computer connections. On-site operatives are fast becoming a thing of the past for many power generation centres as they look to monitor operations and equipment from a central location. This can prove particularly useful when the locality of a power centre is hard to reach.

Industrial fan manufacturers are utilising these developments by giving users the ability to remotely monitor and control their air movement systems. Axair recently supplied a number of Rosenberg EC AKFGs to an electrical contractor who was looking to ventilate an offshore powerhouse. The axial fans were supplied with an integrated control system as standard and proved ideal as they allow for the remote regulation of a ventilation system using a temperature sensor to increase/decrease the speed of the fans based on pre-programmed criteria.

The AKFGs are used to extract hot air generated by the power equipment and then pull cool air in via grills on the structure wall. They were dealing with significant, varying temperatures and by utilising the fan’s 0-10 v input, they were able to adapt the performance of the fan system accordingly. Not only are EC AKFGs an ideal choice for unmanned sites, the fact that they are electronically commutated meaning that they are highly efficient and consume almost 30% less energy than the AC equivalent. Their cast aluminium sickle formed impellers also mean that the fans generate limited noise emissions.  This is unlikely to be an issue with remote sites but is often a factor with many other applications and a combination of the AKFG’s profiled impellers and the variable inlet cones enable low noise operation.

Available in sizes 560-1000mm (impeller diameter) they are capable of flow rates up to 33, 200 m³/h. They can be specified with an IP Rating up to IP54, making them resistant to dust and splashed water, and the low voltage enables switch (24v) allows for simple connection and installation. As well as power generation, Rosenberg EC AKFGs are also ideal for air heaters, heat pumps, condensers, cooling units, evaporators and chillers

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