Being Carbon Zero & Socially Responsible at Axair Fans

In 2016 here at Axair Fans we went Carbon zero. We did this in partnership with Carbon management company CO2 Balance and we became carbon zero by offsetting our carbon emissions. Previously, our partnership helped set up effective home stoves for a number of under developed countries such as Ethiopia and Malawi.

Now work has begun to help with another major issue in under developed countries, clean water.  Around the world approximately 663 million people don’t have access to safe water supplies. That’s 1 in 10 people. A shocking statistic for something most of us take for granted. The safe water project has begun in Uganda and the scheme is slowly but surely making its way to the other under developed countries that CO2 Balance work with. The project is being successfully carried out by using the latest borehole technology to hundreds of households within the Otuke district of Uganda. By providing easy access to safe, clean water, the households will consume less firewood in order to decontaminate the water. This results in a reduction of carbon dioxide emissions from the combustion process. Before the safe water project, households would use wood on inefficient three stone fires to purify water for drinking, cleaning and washing.

At Axair Fans we have a great commitment to being green. We are passionate about social responsibility and creating a happier, healthier more sustainable planet. We have gone to great lengths to make our day to day running energy efficient with energy saving lighting, fuel efficient cars and office recycling to name a few. We are also committed in the same way to the products we sell. We do extensive research and development into our products to make them energy efficient. Our Electronically commutated (EC) fans are 70% more energy efficient than the standard variety.