Operation Clean Sweep On Lowfield Drive…

At Axair we’re always looking for ways to get involved in the local community whether it be supporting local charities in sporting events or helping those in need in our recent Christmas present appeal.

This Spring Axair decided it to get into the community spirit and focus directly on a cause that concerns us each and every day. On our daily drive into work, we have noticed an increasing amount of litter on the embankments. Being located on an Industrial estate close to the main dual carriageway ultimately means it’s frequented by long distance lorry drivers and other commuters, and with no public litter bins it has become a haven for gathering litter. So we thought what better incentive to schedule and afternoon in and clean the area up on the Industrial estate.

Clean up Operation 1With full support from Michelle & Alison at Newcastle Borough Councils scheme ‘Street-Scene’ and the local press ‘The Sentinel’, Axair approached eight other businesses on the Industrial estate to gain a following for the initiative and we were delighted with the uptake. So on a luckily bright and dry Friday 8th April 2016, Axair accompanied by two Newcastle Borough Council groundsmen, Hoppecke, Freshview, Q-Railing, Langley Alloys, GRC, Speedy Services & Vliet were kitted out in hi-visibility jackets, gloves, litter picking sticks and bin bags, all supplied by the council, to spend just over an hour fully committed to cleansing the area.

Following an intensive hour of cleaning, the whole team were delighted with the difference to the embankment and had collected over 160 bin bags full of rubbish with two trips from the Street-scene refuge collectors to take it all away.

We can’t thank everyone who was involved with the initiative enough; excellent results came from a great team effort and working towards a common goal meant that it was a fantastic way of getting to know the other industrial residents and employees.

clean up operation 2As Axair are already a Carbon Zero company with a conscious awareness of our impact on the environment, we’re now proud members of the Business Pledge scheme and plan to continue our work with the community with a view to doing our next initiative in the Summer.

If you’re interested in hearing more about our plans why not stay up to date with all the latest Axair news by following our social media accounts or alternatively to learn more about our business visit the website on www.axair-fans.co.uk.

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