Axair Assist Planes in Taking A “Brake”

Axair Fans has helped Aircraft braking system manufacturer Meggitt with their test facility.

Meggitt is one of the leading aircraft wheels and brakes suppliers in the world, and have facilities on both sides of the Atlantic, as well as in Europe and Asia. They provide aircraft braking systems to a airline operators, aircraft constructors, private aircraft owners and charter operators, governments and military operations, distributors and repair stations.

Meggitt Plane BrakesIn order to provide cooling as lifelike as possible, Axair have recommended the use of double inlet forward curved Ø314 from Rosenberg, combined with inverter drives for total control. The Axair Engineers had to design special nozzles and reducers in order to increase the air speed out of the fans.

A special dyno wheel simulates the weight of an aircraft, is rotated to a set speed (depending on type of testing, landing or taxi), then is put into contact with a typical aircraft wheel fitted with a full set of brakes. The brakes on the wheel are activated with brings the dyno wheel to a complete stop.

Airplane brakes are made of a combination of ceramic & carbon which heat up to about 600°C under normal use. Cooling the brakes using fans replicate the effect of the wind in typical usage, but also allows the testing facilities to conduct as many testing sessions per day as possible. The fans replicate wind speeds from 5mph (Taxi) up to 70mph (landing).

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