Industrial Fans for Food Processing & Manufacturing

Industrial fans are used across a whole host of machinery in food processing. Stainless steel varieties are favoured due to their hygienic and easy to clean material composition. Special coatings for perfect cleaning may also be requested where required. 

Industrial Fans for Food Processing


The components within the manufacturing equipment are not to be overlooked. Without this significant machinery, the food processing industry would not be as efficient as it is now. Ensuring the correct, high quality fans are installed within the food processing equipment at every stage is vital for achieving an efficient process from start to finish, with good quality end products. Each application will have its own set of specifications in the design of the full manufacturing system.

Through our relationship with supplier partner Casals and Rosenberg, our range of industrial fans are suitable for a large number of processes within food and process manufacturing.

EHND Rosenberg backward curved centrifugal fans

Bread, Cereal & Grain Production



Among many other materials, flour and starch are a combustible material. Therefore industrial fans such as the Rosenberg EHND & EHNE range can be used in this type of food processing. For material handling, the Casals MB range and our ATEX compliant lines can  handle material and reduce the risk of explosive atmospheres. Within many manufacturing units a pneumatic conveyor utilising a stream of clean air, is used to transport raw materials such as grains, sugar, flour and granular materials. In addition, storage areas require humidity and temperature control and at the end of the production line, a high pressure fan acting as a vacuum for the packaging may also be required.

EQ DQ range plate axial fans





Industrial fans are used to reduce the water volume within some food in addition to facilitating the drying of washed fruits and vegetables before packaging. This significantly reduces drying time and enables a quicker process resulting in an increased yield and efficiency.

Industrial fans such as the ER or EQ range of cased axial fans make a significant contribution. The dehydration of certain fruits, vegetables and meats is also required to prevent the growth of bacteria.




Cooking Fume Extraction


Applied directly over ovens and furnaces within industrial food processing, this is one of the most common areas for the use of industrial fans in food processing. Certain workplace safety guidelines must be met within this application to ensure safety and satisfactory working conditions. Integrating the correct fan is crucial for effectively exhausting any hazardous fumes, smoke and hot air out to atmosphere. The presence of gas or hazardous elements will dictate whether the fan should comply to ATEX regulations to avoid explosive atmospheres. Industrial fans suitable include the ANDB range of long cased axial fans or the range of centrifugals if high pressure is required.






Industrial fans are used for accelerating the cooling of recently cooked food lines on the conveyors before they are packaged ready for shipping. Cooling fans are also required for food storage in industrial refrigeration plants. To optimise the process of cold storage the temperature and humidity level of each point within the room must be maintained to a uniform level.

Medium to high pressure centrifugal fans such as the Casals MB range can be used with a featured air knife.

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