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The Axair range of GDS centrifugal fans achieve substantial isolation of the motor and scroll so that vibration does not transmit to fan coil housing and its supporting housing.

The mounting arms have the anti-vibration mountings on their hub and are moulded in a rigid plastic, which in itself assists the quality of isolation.

In addition the built in alarm control enables engineers to recognise when a system failure has occurred removing the need for costly refurbishments and maintenance.

Product Range Benefits:

  • ERP Compliant
  • Low running costs
  • Ease of Control
  • High Efficiency
  • Long Life Expectancy

Product Range Features:

  • External Rotor Motor – benefits from self cooling & variable voltage speed control
  • Motor does not reduce the fan performance.
  • Anti-vibration mountings between the fixed shaft and the scroll mounting arms.
  • Built with permanent magnets and a stator driven by electronic switches controlled by a micro controller.

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GDS Fan Coil Axair Fans

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Axair Supplier partner Ecofit, has developed a double inlet, centrifugal fan EC fan, the GDS G9 133×190, which not only features a highly efficient EC motor, surpassing ERP 2013 and 2015, but also has a built-in failure monitoring system to detect failures of individual fans or failures of fans within a deck. The failures are monitored via a normally closed contact within the motor which is calibrated to open when the fan speed drops below 200RPM or in the instance that the motor comes to a stop, the monitoring circuit is opened. The management system will detect as a fan failure this can then be serviced more effectively.

The GDS range of fans are available in standard curve, constant pressure curve and constant airflow curve. Our GDS range now features the V8 motor for larger input ratings. Learn More by reading about the V8 & energy efficiency.

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