Fume Cupboard Airflow Alarms

Fume Cupboard Alarms

Fume cupboard standard BS EN 14175-2:2003 recommends:-

LABAIR is a product that meets the requirements of fume cupboard standard EN 14175, electro-magnetic standard EN 61326, and RoHS Directive CE12

Silver-one Sensor accessories

Fascia Panel

Panel in white, dark grey or silver plastic – 210 x 90 x 10 deep – IP55 embedded ‘O’ ring sealed

Mounting vertical or horizontal options

Logo sticker – crystal domed stating either AXAIR or custom printed design

Control sticker with either black or white background

LEDs in green and red indicate whether sash face air speed is High, Normal, or Low

LEDs in orange indicate Sash High, Calibration Mode, Fan Run, and Light On

Buttons for Fan Run, Cupboard Light and Audible Alarm Mute

Button test procedure to confirm that all alarm features are operational

Printed Circuit Board

Electronics operate at 12Vdc via a 230Vac/12Vdc power supply; battery back-up is optional

Settings for alarm delay, system purge, and re-calibration

Connection points for power supply, air speed sensor, fan relay, cupboard light, sash high

Protection in an IP55 surface box, or IP55 sealed to a service panel cut-out.


LABAIR-A for basic air speed monitoring and alarm feature

LABAIR-C for additional control of air speed at the sash face utilising PID output to an inverter fan drive or damper electronics

LABAIR-AD & CD to digitally display the air speed at the sash face


LABAIR models are factory calibrated to provide an alarm signal when the sash face air speed falls below 0,5m/s. They can be re-calibrated in-situ for other air speeds if required.

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