ATEX EC Compact Axial Fans

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Our range of HEC ATEX IP68 EC Compact Axial Fans are an innovation for both our company and the air movement industry. The range of three types is in stock and available to buy online.

The Axair group always try and develop sought after product within the industry and this is no exception.

It comes in a standard 120x120x38 size and come in 3 speeds. Low (1700rpm), medium (2500rpm) and high (3000rpm).

ATEX EC Compact FanExplosion/spark proof fans are increasingly popular within the market place since the ATEX directive came in to place. ATEX is an acronym for “atmospheres explosibles” and is part of the European directive known as ATEX 2014-34 EU. The directive ensures that manufacturing standards are kept and meets an established level of safety. This will protect people against the risk that may be caused by dangerous substances. An application will require an explosion proof ATEX fan if there are flammable, combustible gases or dust present at any time in the airstream.

Explosion Proof ATEX EC Compact Axial Fan

In an application such as refrigeration an ATEX compact axial fan is near essential, especially as hydrocarbon refrigerants are becoming increasingly popular in the commercial refrigeration market due to its environmentally friendly composition. Although environmentally friendly, HC refrigerants have an explosion and flammability risk so, should there be a leak, could end up with potentially harmful consequences. By using an ATEX fan no spark can be produced and therefore the equipment will remain safe no matter the issue.

Energy Efficient EC Fans


Our product is one of a kind as it is not only ATEX and EC but IP68. This means that it is 100% dust tight and 100% protected against submersion in water. IP68 is the highest possible IP rating giving this fan maximum protection.

EC is increasingly popular in the market and it’s easy to understand why. It’s incredibly energy efficient and does this by combining A and DC voltages. Being EC (Electronically commutated) can save up to 80% on its AC counterpart.



Although this product was created with refrigeration in mind there are many other uses in the air movement industry for this state-of-the-art fan.

For example electronic cooling, lamp cooling, small heat exchangers, small condensers and evaporators and even use in special effects, just to name a few.


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Ingress Protection To IP68

Ingress Protection


The Axair range of ATEX EC Compact Axial Fans are ingress protected to IP68 making them both dust tight and protected against full immersion in water for a specific period of time. The below image illustrates the level achieved through the closed motor encapsulation of this product.


ATEX Test Certificate

ATEX Test Certificate

Download the HEC ATEX test certificate.

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