Roof Mounted Enclosure Extract Units

Roof Mounted Enclosure Extract Units

In some situations it is better to extract warm air from the top of an enclosure than via fans mounted inside the door panels. This is often the case when the density of equipment within the cabinet is so high that there is no room available for ventilation fans.

The ‘TP’ series provides the panel builder with a high performance and economic answer. It is constructed from high impact polycarbonate alloy with embossed finishing and aluminium top. This aluminium top helps better dissipate the heat generated by the motor and also from within the cabinet.

The ‘T’ series offers a steel construction available in larger sizes for greater airflow requirements.

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Ventilation and cooling for control panels, cabinets, electronic and electrical enclosures that house devices such as inverter drives, switchgear, communications enclosures, data centres and soft start units.

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