Enclosure Climate Control Accessories

Enclosure Climate Control Accessories

Control Panel Fans, Fan Filters & Thermal Management Accessories

The heat in electrical enclosures and cabinets must be managed to protect the valuable components housed inside them. The Axair range of climate control and thermal management accessories in addition to filter fans / fan filter units, including lights, heaters, thermostats, hygrostats, and pressure compensation devices that can be used to dissipate and control heat from control panels.

Combined use of a fan filter unit and filter exhaust with G3 or G4 filter media increases the protection of the ventilation system from dust and liquid ingress while providing superior air flows under specified system pressures.

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Our enclosure cooling solutions are designed for effective thermal management. This is essential for ensuring the reliability of electronic components within an enclosure. Our enclosure ventilation accessories will meet demands for reliable temperature control and prevent the premature failure of equipment within an electrical cabinet.

See our page on Enclosure Ventilation and Cabinet Cooling for more information.

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Products in this Range

Anti Condensation Heaters

Enclosure heaters to prevent condensation and corrosion in cabinets

Thermostats & Hygrostats

Enclosure thermostats and hygrostats to control heating and cooling

Lights for Enclosures

Efficient enclosure lighting for ease and safe working in electrical cabinets

Pressure Compensation Devices

Equalises pressure inside enclosures to prevent humidity and condensation

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