Woodchip Drying Using High Capacity Axial Fans

Biomass: The drier the wood chip, the more energy produced

Over the last 12 months Axair has handled a large amount of Biomass fan enquiries. For those unsure of the term, Biomass predominately focuses on sustainable sources of energy found in wood chip, pellets and dried logs as opposed to using non renewable forms of energy found in fossil fuels such as coal and oil.  The simplest way of using many forms of Biomass for energy is simply by burning it.

Recently, Axair has provided several long cased axial fans to facilitate the drying of this wood chip for resale or for processing into wood pallets. The FACI 199kW boilers used by our customer Galloway Biomass for woodchip drying, are Ofgem approved under the renewable heat incentive scheme. Ofgem hold their members fully accountable for using sustainable fuels and encourage their development. Additional boilers provide heat to drying kilns that force-dry logs from 50-60% moisture to a usable 20%.

What is the difference between Biomass & Fossil Fuels?

Biomass CycleThe vital difference between Biomass and fossil fuels is one of timescale. Biomass takes carbon out of the atmosphere while it is growing and returns it as it burns. This maintains a closed C)2 carbon cycle with no net increase in atmospheric CO2 levels.

Galloway Biomass

Galloway Biomass, based in Stratear, are an accredited supplier on the Biomass supplier list. Having found their old fans had broken down and been aware  of the Axair brand and our previous Biomass projects they contacted us for some replacements. On inspection of the drying and cooling system, they required 630mm diameter fans. Our product manager selected 630mm Rosenberg long cased axial fans in the ANDB range capable of handling high temperatures and could easily manage the 3400m m3/hr airflow at 500Pa duty points. For full fan specification you can download the ANDB datasheet here.

Having a fully working and efficient set of fans within the boiler system aids one primary function of the drying; the drier the wood chip, the more energy the user will receive from the same volume of wood.

For more information on our fans suitable for Biomass applications visit our renewables application page or contact us on 01782 349 430

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