We’re Going Big On Industrial Fume Extraction

We recently announced the arrival at Axair HQ of the largest plastic fan we supply taken from the SEAT collection of corrosion resistant polypropylene fans. So we thought it was about time we spoke a little more about this powerful, energy saving yet quiet machine.

It’s hard to ask for more from a fume extraction fan than the above qualities but the impressive SEAT S50 has all those attributes and more. Designed for exhausting fumes from hazardous manufacturing processes, the S50 and its smaller family member the S35 are the latest industrial additions to Axair’s ‘S’ Series which is designed to provide high air flow rates against medium system pressures. The aforementioned fan can support perilous processes such as PCB manufacturing, component washing and etching.

S50 For Fume ExtractionFitted with a backward curved impeller, the S50, pictured to the left with a member of our warehouse team, can produce a high pressure but with low noise and impressive efficiencies. The fan’s polypropylene construction makes it ideal for use in highly corrosive environments and chemical industry applications, safeguarding workers from potentially harmful gases. End users that require an externally fitted system can rest in the comfort that the UV treated polypropylene will be protected from the erratic British sunshine.

Supplied with an inverter as standard, users can also benefit from enhanced speed control and an easy stop/start function, importantly this also allows for energy savings as the user can set the system to perform in line with their actual ventilation needs.

Axair Fans are the exclusive UK distributor for the S50; available now on a short lead time. For more information on the S50 and others within the Polypropylene range please download the brochure or contact one of our engineers today.



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