We Have Sold Our Largest Fan To Date..

With such a diverse range of fans suitable for varying Industry applications and customers, we have fans ranging from the very small to larger units such as the Sodeca – CMRS1000-4T-75. So, we’re extremely excited that January 2016 has started in a big way with us supplying a customer with two of our largest fans to date, ready to be commissioned for a large plant.
The fan of the hour, the CMRS1000-4T-75, a single inlet centrifugal fan with high performance, all steel backward curved impellers and an anti-corrosive paint finish on the steel scroll housing is part of the CMRS range of centrifugal fans from Axair supplier partner Sodeca.

Fitted with a 1000mm diameter impeller, the supplied fans are direct driven with an IE3 efficient 55Kwa motor, class F insulation and benefit from IP55 environmental protection against dust and liquid ingress.

Key Features:

  • Three phase fan motor for 400Volts or 690Volts
  • Impeller diameter 1000mm (the CMRS range goes up to huge 1400mm)
  • Capable of a 77,000m³/h, (with the largest of the range which can go up to 173,400m³/h
  • Maximum pressure 3000Pa
  • Weighs just over a ton

The featured fan is suitable for clean air applications such as fresh air input for large boiler plants or renewable energy applications while also being capable of handling small amounts of particles in the air stream. In addition the CMRS is suitable for a wide range of transported air temperatures from -20 to +120°C as standard.

For information about the variants suitable for temperatures up to 250°C, for those of an all Stainless Steel composition or for full details of the CMRS range please contact us.

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